November 26, 2004

New Releases for 11/26/04

This week's new releases actually opened this past Wednesday, but I didn't realize it until Wednesday evening, so I was unable to get a post prepared. SO, I decided to just post it on the regularly scheduled day. Here goes:

Alexander. Oliver Stone's latest epic appears to be a bust with the critics and with the Greek people. Apparently there are many protests over the display of bisexuality on the part of Alexander, in my opinion this is only adding publicity to the movie. Anyway, it stars Colin Farrell in a blonde wig as the title character, with Angelina Jolie as his mother. Clocking in at nearly 3 hours, this is a marathon viewing, I plan on giving it a shot, but am not sure if I will ultimately enjoy it, the look reminds me a lot of the lackluster Troy from earlier this year.

Christmas with the Kranks. Tim Allen returns to the big screen with this new holiday film, co-starring with Jamie Lee Curtis. The basic plot has the Kranks deciding to skip Christmas for a warmer climate, until their daughter decides to return home. The commercials do not do it any favors. It looks corny, silly and just plain not good. On top of that, it appears to give away the entire story, which is not a good idea for a trailer. I believe I will skip this one.

Enduring Love. Not too familiar with this release outside of that it involves two people who become close after witnessing a deadly accident.

That's it for this week. Not a heckuvalot to choose from.


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