November 10, 2004

Movie Review: The Incredibles

I have been looking forward to this movie for the past year, ever since I saw the first teaser. Pixar taking on superheroes, not only that, but superheroes trying to have normal lives. The idea is just great. Tell me you never thought about superheroes blending in with the rest of us. Imagine, wondering if your neighbor could fly, if that weird guy down the street could pick up your car, any of that. Anyway, the day has arrived, The Incredibles has arrived at your local cineplex, and the result is well, not to repeat just about every other critic out there but it's incredible.

Our tale begins with tales of heroes saving people, all is well. Then, in true American fashion, our nation of litigation mentality kicks in and heroes get sued, forcing them all to retire. This is where it gets interesting, all of the heroes have to blend in with the rest of society. They now face their toughest challenge yet, the family dynamic and the 9-5 job.

We focus on Mr. Incredible, now known as Robert Parr, and his wife Elasti-girl, sorry Helen. They live in a nice suburban town with their three kids. Bob works for an insurance company, and longs for more, for the old days. Then one day, he gets a mysterious letter inviting him to become a hero again. I don't really want to go too far into the plot, there is a lot to discover in this movie.

The story is great, it has a lot for everybody, age is no object. The one thing that struck me while watching, was the more adult elements. It has upped the ratio of kids versus adult material. It jumped off the screen at me. I have loved all of Pixar's films, but this is the first one that seems to target grown ups as much as it does children. It only makes me wonder more what they could do once they are out from under the Disney banner.

Back on the film, the tale is great. The characters have real depth. Mr. Incredible desires for the hero days while dealing with the boss and a regular job. Elastigirl is dealing with with the kids, trying to make the best of it. Their son and daughter are dealing with keeping the secret of their powers. Let's not forget the villain, a non super-powered guy who builds upon his connection to the heroes.

Beyond that, the technical aspects, unparalleled. It is one of the best looking computer generated films. The animation was smooth and greatly detailed, it makes Toy Story look primitive by comparison.

Something else I feel the need to comment on, the kids. The showing I went to was filled with young children, and they were having a blast. They laughed and screamed, and paid attention to the entire film. Kids can be annoying at films, but they were great here. At the end of the film the applauded and cheered. One little boy turned to his father and said, I quote: "Daddy! That was wicked!" He had a big smile on his face, just like the rest of the theater. This was in stark contrast to the kids at Shark Tale, those kids were fidgety and bored, and so was I. The Incredibles is a film for everyone, all of you can get something from it.

Bottomline: I wish I could say more, this is quite possibly my favorite Pixar film, heck, best CG film that has thus far been unleashed. The characters, the story, just great.

Highly Recommended.


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