October 15, 2004

New Releases for 10/15/04

Only a couple of new films to think about for this weekend.

Team America: World Police. From what I hear, Trey Parker and Matt Stone have struck again. They have made a marionette film lampooning the state of the war on terror, and the hunt for Osama. This looks absolutely hilarious, and the early views seem to agree with that sentiment. This is a must see. How can you go wrong with terrorist fighting puppets? Especially puppets that mock world leaders and Hollywood personalities?

Shall We Dance? A remake of a wonderful Japanese film with Richard Gere and Jennifer Lopez. I am worried about this one, I love the original, and I am not much of a fan of either of the two leads. The original is a marvelous piece of cinema that I saw years ago. It's a story of a man going through a mid life crisis and sneaks out to take ballroom dancing lessons, his wife thinks he is cheating on her, and so the story goes. It is a sweet story that plays up the cultural ideals of Japan. I am worried that a lot of that tone is going to be, uh, lost in translation. I have seen early reviews which say it is good, so there is hope.

Incident at Loch Ness. This is playing at the local arthouse. I read the description, and it looks pretty interesting. It is a film within a film about director Werner Herzog who travels to Scotland to investigate the Loch Ness Monster. It looks interesting enough.

I do have a request there is a movie opening this weekend in limited locations that I am very interested in based on the description and stars. If anyone who reads this happens to go see it, please stop back and let me know your thoughts on it:

Final Cut. The film stars Robin Williams, Mira Sorvino, and James Caviziel. It is a science fiction story. When children are born, they are implanted with memory chips which record that persons life, upon death these chips are removed and given to a 'cutter.' The cutter edits the memories into a sort of highlight real for the family. Apparently Williams character is a cutter who is disturbed, and Caviziel plays the leader of a resistance group against the chips.

Sounds very interesting, please drop a line if you see it! I would see it, but apparently they Lion's Gate Films has an exclusive deal to screen the film at AMC theaters.


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