September 12, 2004

Poll Results.

Weekly Poll: 9/5/04: Worst film of the summer:
  • Alien vs. Predator 20% 1
  • Exorcist: The Beginning 20% 1
  • Garfield 20% 1
  • Catwoman 20% 1
  • The Village 0% 0
  • Thunderbirds 20% 1
  • Chronicles of Riddick 0% 0
  • Scooby Doo 2 0% 0
  • Other 0% 0
  • All of them 0% 0
  • total votes: 5

I voted for Exorcist: The Beginning, as I thought it was really bad, except for Stellan Skarsgaard's performance, which was actually pretty good. Now for some thoughts on the other "nominees": (I've included links to the ones I've reviewed)

Alien vs. Predator. I kind of enjoyed this movie. It was definitely a missed opportunity, but I knew that going in considering that Paul WS Anderson was the director. It had a few good points, and wasn't dull, so I couldn't vote for it.

Exorcist: The Beginning. Like I mentioned, this was my pick. It was really dull and never came together storywise. Plus, the bad CGI work, just sad. Skarsgaard was good, but not good enough to save this stinker.

Garfield. They may have misfired with Odie and Jon, but they nailed the cat. Bill Murray was inspired casting to give the feline a voice, and Jennifer Love Hewitt is, well, Jennifer Love Hewitt. I enjoyed it.

Catwoman. As laughably bad as this was, I had fun. Can't quite explain it, but it fell into the so bad I like it category. I think Roger Ebert said it best: "There are three good things about this movie. Halle Berry's face, Halle Berry's body, and Halle Berry's costume."

The Village. Many elements that I like, but not enough to recommend. Shyamalan's first misfire. Although it does feature a wonderful performance by Bryce Dallas Howard.

Thunderbirds. I can't really comment on this, as I didn't see it, nor do I really plan on it.

Chronicles of Riddick. Disappointing sequel, but a decent actioner. It is another film that had a lot of good ideas in it, but doesn't follow up on any of them. I think Diesel is perfect for this role, and would not mind seeing another attempt at this universe.

Scooby Doo 2. I'm a Scooby fan, I won't deny it, and as silly as this was, I enjoyed it. Matthew Lillard is pitch-perfect casting as Shaggy, almost spooky. And how can you go wrong with Linda Cardellini and Sarah Michelle Gellar?


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