September 5, 2004

Poll Results.

Weekly Poll 8/29/04: How do you prefer your foreign films?

  • Subtitled 75% 3
  • Dubbed 0% 0
  • Doesn't matter 25% 1
  • No opinion 0% 0
  • Not at all 0% 0
  • total votes: 4

I am pleased by these results. At least nobody chose dubbed. I don't mind dubbed, so long as the original language is still offered with a subtitle option. There's nothing quite like watching a film with the wrong language coming out of the actor's mouths.

The problem when you dub a film is, in most cases the mouth movements aren't even remotely close, especially with Asian films. But more importantly, you lose a good piece of the actor's performance. By taking away their voice, you take so much away from the performance, the voice actors brought in to do the voice over, cannot recreate what was delivered by the actor. Besides, it often sounds silly and the mix tends to sound like a layer not fully integrated into the sound stage.

Bottom line is, original language with subtitles is the way to go.


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