August 22, 2004

Poll Results.

Weekly Poll: 8/15/04 Which is your favorite Alien or Predator film?

  • Alien 33% 2
  • Aliens 50% 3
  • Alien 3 0% 0
  • Alien: Resurrection 0% 0
  • Predator 0% 0
  • Predator 2 0% 0
  • Alien vs. Predator 0% 0
  • I love them all 0% 0
  • I do not like any of them 17% 1
  • total votes: 6

I thought more people would have commented on this. I know you're out there! Please drop your opinion on the poll!

But it does appear that the Aliens films are the more popular of the two series. I chose Aliens as my favorite. It gets the most play when I go to watch one of them. The original Alien film is a classic of horror cinema, without which we would not have had Aliens or the other sequels. For some reason the Predator films didn't get any love? Granted, the second one was not that good, but the first is one of the best action films to come from the 80's, plus it features two men who went on to become governors. I don't blame anyone for not choosing AvP, it wasn't a terribly good film.


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