August 24, 2004

Pick of the Week

It's Tuesday, and all you DVD-aholics know what that means, New Releases! And with every new release day comes my Pick of the Week, the top title that I am interested in getting that week. This weeks was easy: Shaolin Soccer. Never heard of it? Well, now you have and now you must seek it out.

Like so many titles I like and/or write about it has had a storied history. It was actually released back in 2001 in Hong Kong, quickly garnering acclaim and attention. Due to this attention, Miramax acquired the US distribution rights. This is where it goes downhill. Anyone familiar with Miramax's treatment of Asian properties knows that they like to dub, edit, and rescore these films to the point that they are unrecognizable. That started to happen here, but it didn't test well. It was actually due in theaters about a year ago, to where I saw trailers in theaters and on TV promos in Best Buy, as well as posters. At the last second Miramax pulled the plug. It then got a limited release this year and a DVD due out today. I should mention, it is being released uncut and subbed.

I purchased an import copy of the movie and have had it in possession for most of the year. It is a very funny slapstick comedy starring Steven Chow, who has been called the Jim Carrey of Hong Kong. It is a about a disgraced soccer player who leads a group of Shaolin martial artists into a soccer competition, much comedy ensues. In short, you must see this movie!

There are a couple of other titles out that are worth your time as well:

That's it for this week!


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