July 22, 2004

Belated Top Ten

OK, I've decided to go ahead and do a "make-up" Top Ten since I missed yesterdays.

Top Ten: Metal Acts.
This is a list of some of my current favorites, if you like metal, you owe it to yourselves to check these bands out if you haven't already! Also, they are bands that do not rely on rapping as their vocal styling, there is singing, growling, screaming, grunting, but not rapping. Those acts are for another list.

1. Fear Factory: This as the easiest choice. I have loved these guys ever since I first heard them way back on the Mortal Kombat soundtrack. They are incredibly heavy, an incredible rhythm section, and one of the best drummers I have ever heard. This is what innovative metal is all about, if only everyone could be this good. They came back strong after the loss of their founding guitar player to have one of the best music releases of 2004. Favorite Album: "Archetype" with "Obsolete" close behind.

2. Mushroomhead. This is a group that surprised me. I picked their debut album up on a sale deal awhile ago, I only picked it because I was curious about what they could sound like. I was afraid they would be another Slipknot(although I like them a bit). What I got was a cross between that sound and Faith No More. It was incredible, two lead singers, a heavy attack and a unique sound. Definitely worth a spin. Favorite Album: "XX"

3. Iced Earth. Probably one of the longest lasting, best metal bands you've never heard of. They have been around for around 15 years or so, and they build on that Iron Maiden style power metal. Releasing their first three albums with different singers, they found their voice with Matthew Barlow, who left the band following the 9/11 tragedy. He was replaced by Tim Owens, who had replaced Rob Halford in Judas Priest for awhile. Amazing metal music. Favorite Album: "SOmething Wicked This Way Comes."

4. Dream Theater: Best described as a cross between Yes and Metallica, this band is at the forefront of progressive music. Insanely intricate instrumentals, powerful lyrics, and absolute instrument mastery highlight their music. Possibly the most talented band ever put together. This is a band that needs to be heard to be believed. I have seen them live 3 times, and they are as good live as they are on disk. Favorite Album:"Images and Words"

5. Mudvayne: A band that started as makeup-metal, but still had what it takes, dropped the paint and keep rolling musically. Similar in style to Mushroomhead, they are at the forefront of the new generation of heavy. Favorite Album: "The End of All THings to Come"

6. Type O Negative: The so-called Drab Four, this band is about as dark and gloomy as they come. Led by the incredibly deep voice of Peter Steele and grounded by the drum work of Johnny Kelly, they deliver some of the darkest music on the market. No one comes close to sounding like them. Favorite Album: "Bloody Kisses"

7. Metallica: Love them or hate them, they have given us some of the best metal albums ever. Personally, I have enjoyed every album they have put out, even though it took a few listens for "St.Anger" to catch on. They received a lot of criticism after their reinvention with the "Black Album," they continue to deliver quality music. I am sure many people will disagree with me, but so be it. Favorite Album: "Master of Puppets"

8. Pantera:  Redefining heavy throughout the 1990's Pantera was incomparable in the sheer weight of their music. Heavy, aggressive, relentless, and unapologetic have all been used to describe them, and it all fits. Bordering on sheer noise they have walked that fine line between music and noise for their entire career, giving us some of the best metal to be found. Favorite Album: "Far Beyond Driven"

9. Rob Zombie: Singer turned director Zombie has consistently delivered some great music. Horror movie flavored lyrics have defined his image dating back to his days leading White Zombie. A unique artist, using his love of film to fuel his music is certainly working. Favorite Album: "Hellbilly Deluxe"

10. Incubus: Blending radio-rock sensibilities with cutting edge arrangements and heartfelt lyrics, these guys developed into something special. At one point they were the best band creating real music getting mainstream radio play. They also probably make the best use of a DJ in a rock band, it blends in great. I think they took a bit of a misstep with their latest album, but it is still worthy music. Favorite Album: "Make Yourself"

That does it for this weeks top ten, I hope you were able to find something you liked.


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