June 25, 2004

New Movie Releases: 6/25/04
Got a few choices this week, for better and for worse.

White Chicks. All I could say when I saw the trailer for this is: Ugh. It looks idiotic, demeaning, and insulting. I could be wrong, but it just does not look entertaining or even a little bit funny. It stars Shawn and Marlon Wayans as agents who disguise themselves as a pair of rich heiresses, ala the Hilton sisters. That's about as much as I know about the plot. I don't really wanna spend anymore time on this guaranteed moneymaker.

The Notebook. The first commercial I saw for this tear jerker didn't do much for me, then again I am decidedly not in their target audience. But then I saw the next one, and I got a better idea of the story. I thought, wow that actually looks pretty good. The tale of love and war as read to a woman with Alzheimer's who doesn't know that it is her story. It looks good. I will probably check this one out.

Two Brothers. This one grabbed from the first moment I saw the trailer. A tale of two tiger cubs who are separated and the adventures they have until they meet again. It looks like a fun movie that the whole family can enjoy, not to mention some great footage with the young tigers. It also stars Guy Pearce as a hunter who changes his ways while raising one of the cubs.

Fahrenheit 9/11. That brings me to the most controversial film release in a long time. A film made to justify an Oscar acceptance speech. A film that is going to polarize it's audience. A film made by someone I don't particularly care for, but who consistently makes intriguing films. Michael Moore, maker of the also controversial Bowling for Columbine, returns with a film about the handling of 9/11 and an attack on the President of the US. I am looking forward to seeing this film, even if I don't particularly agree with him, he does make thought provoking documentaries that are sure to get you talking about the subject. I just always remind myself that he is not presenting the whole truth, just the truth as he sees it bent to meet his slant, with that in mind, I will see this and hopefully enjoy it.

And that brings me to the last release I will be looking at, the latest release at the local arthouse that interests me.

The Saddest Music in the World. A black and white film starring Isabella Rossellini, and strangely reminiscent of Willy Wonka. This is a bizarre looking film about a woman who runs a beer brewery who has a contest to find the saddest music, with the prize being a trip to the brewery. To add another level of the surreal, the woman lost her legs in an accident and has prosthetics made of glass and filled with beer. Strange looking movie, but another that I look forward to seeing.

And that brings us to the end of my look at this weeks releases, I hope it was useful, or at least semi-entertaining.


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