May 25, 2004

Pick of the week for 5/25/04: Bubba Ho-Tep

This week has a number of good releases, but there is one that rises above them all, and I've never even seen it! That is the comedy-drama-horror movie Bubba Ho Tep. It has a lot going for it, first it was directed by Phantasm director Don Coscarelli.

Granted, I haven't followed his career terribly closely, but there is no denying he has an eye for bizarre material. It co-stars Ossie Davis, a solid actor, known for more serious work, but brings some credibility to this project. Most importantly, for me and geeks round the world, it stars Bruce Campbell. Don't know who that is? For shame! He starred in Sam Raimi (Spider-Man) Evil Dead trilogy, that's his biggest claim to fame, but he has appeared in numerous films and television series. This is all before we get to the basis for this film. The best part is the bizarre idea, Elvis isn't dead, he is in a Texas nursing home and is friends with a black man who believes he is JFK, together they must battle a mummy. How can this go wrong? It is sad that it didn't get a theatrical release, I would have been there in a minute. I will report back once I get to watch it.

Fox is also releasing their next wave of martial arts films. They are Game of Death II, Prodigal Son, Operation Scorpio, Royal Warriors, and Young Master. I have all of them on the way to my house. There is also Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse Five, the extended cut of Underworld, Ed Wood's Orgy of the Dead, Akira Kurosawa's Stray Dog: Criterion Edition, Takashi Miike's Full Metal Yakuza, and Spielberg's Saving Private Ryan Anniversary Edition. Finally, there is season six of the tv series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. On the music side there is the latest Slipknot, and the latest Everlast. Lot's of good stuff. Be sure to get out there and watch it all!


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